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A webinar is an educational, informative or instructional presentation that is first made available online, usually as either video or audio with slides.

A webinar may take the form of an academic lecture or some other type of presentation, such as a business conference. Because webinar attendees connect online, they can use Internet-based technologies to enhance the experience, for example, communicating through instant messaging, file sharing, using a whiteboard collaboratively and interacting through social media sites.

Legacy Family Tree has made their webinars available to the public for use on their home computers via CD and DVD. The Bouse Genealogy Society has taken advantage of this offer and has many of Legacy Family Tree’s webinars on CD and DVD. The Legacy webinars feature nationally known speakers, and cover all areas of genealogy research. Many of the Legacy webinars provide the handouts used with the presentation. We often use the webinars in place of speakers for general study at our meetings.

We have made all webinars available for home use to our members in good standing They are to be returned at the next regular meeting.  Check out the list of webinars in our Webinar Library below.


Beginners Instructions Booklet (Pdf)

List of Webinars (Pdf)

Legacy Users Manual (Pdf)

BGS Books in Library (Pdf) - Large 8mb file



We share all general business information via email. If you require information sent any other way, Please let us know at All members are encouraged to join. You must have a Yahoo Account (it’s free) to join the group.

At the time you sign-up for your Yahoo Account you are given a Yahoo email account. You are not required to use your Yahoo email address on the Yahoo Group. In fact, many of us use our regular email address.When you reply to the invitation to join the group, please follow all of the instructions completely to ensure your Bouse Genies Yahoo Groups account has been set up. If you do not follow all prompts through to acceptance, you will not be added to the Bouse Genies Yahoo Group.

Yahoo Group Link

Yahoo Group Etiquette

When using the Yahoo Group:

1. Do not send forwarded messages to the group; i.e. no jokes, political or religious messages.

2. The Yahoo Group is strictly for Bouse Genies business.

3. You are welcome to ask questions through the group if they apply to genealogy.

4. When replying to a message that applies to a few people, please reply to those individuals only. Not the entire group.

5. Do not carry on a conversation with the group unless it applies to all members. However, if the answer would be of help to others, then please do send it to the group.

6. If a message is sent to the group that requests that the entire group reply, please do so.

Generally, these messages require the vote of the membership to pass. Your reply is important to us.



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