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Bouse Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 624
Bouse, AZ 85325
Phone 928-221-3866

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Genealogy is the science of identifying, classifying, and organizing facts pertaining to the history and descent of a person, family, or group, from an ancestor or ancestors' in their natural order of succession.


The Bouse Genies are a group of people who are interested in their personal genealogical research. The Bouse Genealogical Society's mission is:

1. To bring together persons who are researching family history and to promote fellowship and cooperation among them.

2. To foster, stimulate and share ideas, information, methods, and practices in family research.

3. To collect, preserve and make available to interested persons material on family history.

4. To encourage those officials in charge of public records and genealogical collections to preserve and make them accessible to interested persons.


Our members make this organization function. We need all of the help we can get, and encourage you to get involved. Every member is vital to the group. If there is something you don’t understand, please ask. If you have suggestions to make the group function better, please let us know. We hope you enjoy your experience with us.

President Gloria Freemon
Vice President Nikki Cowel-Mackey
Treasurer Patricia Smith

Chairpersons of Standing Committees:

Historian Nikki Cowel-Mackey
Librarian Gloria Freemon
Webinar Librarian Shirley Baker
DNA User Group Leader Norman Cutshall
Webmaster David Bull (BMDS)

All officers are volunteers, please respect their time and efforts in supporting the group.


In the fall of 2006, Carolyn “Carol” H. Brown visited the Friends of the Bouse Public Library meeting and offered to give classes in genealogy and computers. Beth Prasst, the Friends Chairman, was very excited to get some classes going in the area and accepted Carol’s offer.

From November 2006 through March 2007 Carol gave eight computer courses and 2 sessions of 10 genealogy courses each. A group of eight ladies who attended the genealogy classes were very excited about getting a group started, so they met in individuals homes or in the RV park meeting room. The eight original members were Carol Brown, Roberta Willis, Beth Van Sickle, Mickey Gray, Esther Tucker, Betty Gilbert, and Shirley Baker. The gatherings were very informal. No minutes were taken and there was no other structure about these meetings. The ladies sat around and shared stories, asked for advice and had a fun two hours every other Friday

The first meeting of the Bouse Genealogical Society was held on 21 September 2007 at the home of Carol Brown. Those attending that first meeting were Roberta Willis, Dennis Chapman, Gloria Freemon, Nikki Mackey, Betty Munfrada, Pat Bales, Vicki Kuehn, Mark Cox, and Eileen Lundsford. It became very evident that meeting at individuals home would not work since the group expanded to 14 members once the original group arrived in town. Arrangements were made to move the meeting to the Bouse Community Building and to meet every other Friday, from September thru May.

Temporary officers were elected: Chairman - Carol Brown; Treasurer and Recording Secretary - Vicki Kuehn; and Corresponding Secretary - Beth Van Sickle. Roberta Willis and Betty Munfreda would handle our library items, Carol Brown volunteered to publish a newsletter, and Dennis Chapman volunteered to be our Webmaster. A Constitution and By-Laws were presented by Carol Brown and several amendments were passed. Vicki and Mark left the area before the next meeting and left the Treasurers documents with Carol. At the time the Bouse Genies was started it was to be a division of the Friends of the Library and the money taken in was to be held by the Friends to be used for books the Bouse Genies wished to purchase for the Library. There is a disagreement on the way Bouse Genies funds were handled so we severed the financial and organization connection with the Friends of Library. The Bouse Genies opened their first bank account in 2008 with Horizon Community Bank. The account was moved to the AEA Credit Union in Parker in 2013.

Carol went to the Bouse Booster Club to see if they would help us purchase Library Edition for the Bouse Library. We also borrowed $321 from the Friends of the Library, which was repaid in October 2007. The cost per year is $1040.00 for Library Edition. From 2007 through June of 2015 the Bouse Genies, along with several organizations in Bouse, supported Library Edition for the Bouse Public Library. During this time, the Bouse Public Library was the only library in La Paz County to host In June 2015 the state of Arizona Library Committee decided that the state and all counties would support in all state and county libraries. The Bouse Genies no longer needs to have major fund raisers for this effort.

In early 2008, Carol received 4 boxes of genealogy books from a friend. This donation was followed by other smaller donations as well as continuing purchases by the Bouse Genies. This was the start of the three shelves of genealogy books in the Bouse Library.

In January 2010 the Bouse Genies teamed up with the Escapees RV Club’s Genealogy Interest Group to host a two day Genealogy in the Desert conference in Bouse. The conference in January went over so well that Carol invited Geoff Raumussen, the developer of Legacy Family Tree genealogy software, to give a full day Genealogy Technology seminar in Parker at the Blue Water Casino on December 10, 2010. Geoff was invited back in December 2011 for another Genealogy Technology seminar in Parker. In February 2012 we held a Skill Building Workshop in Bouse. In December 2012 Geoff was invited back again for another Genealogy Technology workshop in Parker. In February 2014, the Bouse Genies teamed up with the Lake Havasu LDS Church to give a all-day, 5 classes per hour, workshop in Lake Havasu City. 

In 2015 our webmaster, Dennis Chapman, resigned. David Bull, who operated a web design and graphic business located in Bouse, offered to create websites for these other organization as well as creating a website for the entire community of Bouse. The websites he produces are outstanding in their ability to put a professional face to each organization and to the town. With that in mind, the Bouse Genies elected to hire David and his business, Blue Moose Design Services, to create our website.